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Essential Oils


Always be prepared…..
with Young Living Essential Oils!

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  • Aromatic, fragrant portion of the plant.
  • Highly concentrated defense mechanism of the plant, which resists bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, and more.
  • The most potent, living, essential part of plant’s flowers, fruits, herbs, spices.
  • Works at the body’s cellular level to:

    • Help the body to heal itself
    • Manage pain
    • Support detoxification
    • Enhance quality of life
    • Manage stress
    • Support emotional health/wellness
  • Very small molecular size easily penetrates cell membranes and travels through the body, regardless of the way they are applied.


What sets Young Living Essential Oils apart from other brands?

  • Seed to Seal Promise.
  • Seed: Verified, high-quality, high-potency.
  • Cultivated: Being derived from Young Living’s own farms & superior quality soils means high standards on quality.
  • Distilled: Low-temp preparation, using steam and with proper timing in the process.
  • Tested: Young Living never accepts diluted or cut oils.
  • Sealed: Each step is verified. Products are shipped direct.

Using Young Living Essential Oils

  • Aromatically / Inhalation:

    • Directly from the bottle.
    • Via a diffuser.
    • Wearing a diffuser necklace.
    • Dropping into your palms.
    • Using the air vents in the home.


  • Topically / Rubbed On

    • Drop the essential oil directly onto the skin & then rub in (skin, hands, feet, etc).
    • Can add massage oil to spread the essential oil farther. Especially needed if using a spicy oil such as cinnamon or oregano.
    • Consider Vita Flex points of the hands & feet to enhance effectiveness.


  • Ingestion / Capsules

    • Drop the essential oil into clear, vegetable capsules and drink with water or milk.
    • Can be diluted with a fatty vegetable oil in capsule or added into a tablespoon of honey.
  • Body Orifices / Supplementary Nutrition

    • Substitute them in cooking as you would spices & herbs (recipes on Young Living cooking websites).
    • Add to drinks to taste.
    • Drop under the tongue or inside cheek to increase effectiveness/potency.
    • Create suppositories for fast absorption.

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