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To maximize the overall health and wellness of the community of Lakeland by delivering the highest quality of physical rehabilitation and physical performance services with expertise, integrity, honesty, respect and Christian morality.


We help you get better every day!

We offer “Concierge Care” with a commitment to individualized attention. Our unique brand of orthopedic/sports physical therapy has a focus on Central Nervous System activation/inhibition, manual therapy and corrective exercise reinforcement.

When choosing a healthcare provider, did you know you have the right to choose? We encourage you to research your providers so that you are comfortable and confident in your decisions. Why should you choose Accelerated Rehab & Performance as your preferred physical therapy provider? Beyond highly trained staff and a “hands-on” approach, our superior results and dedication to customer service are some great reasons Accelerated is the premier location for physical therapy and human performance in Lakeland!

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What Makes accelerated different

At Accelerated Rehab & Performance, you’ll experience a different kind of physical therapy. We offer hands-on care and tailor-made therapeutic exercise programs delivered by expertly trained and licensed physical therapists who work one-on-one with you. We’re always here to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. We explain everything in plain language, develop custom treatment plans and tell you how your therapy is progressing. Since we take time to get to know you and your needs, your care will be much more personalized and effective. No matter what kind of physical pain or dysfunction you have, our goal is always the same – to return you to optimal health as effectively and efficiently as possible!
Patients who choose Accelerated report that they are better afterwards and are treated with a great level of customer service. They are treated so well, in fact, that 100% of respondents said they would come back to us or send friends and family members to us for their needs!
If you are experiencing pain, ask your doctor to send you to the experts at Accelerated Rehab & Performance! THE ACCELERATED DIFFERENCE: When looking to purchase an item or service, consumers often search for the most superior product. Why should choosing a physical therapy provider, or any other healthcare-related service provider, be any different? As a healthcare consumer, you deserve the best service available delivered by the most highly trained professionals available.

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The hands-on approach. At Accelerated Rehab & Performance, every client receives hands-on care for “accelerated” results! We focus our efforts on treating the cause of each patient’s problem in order to provide long-lasting pain relief and prevent future recurrence of pain. We also realize that each body is a little bit different, and although a person may have the same symptoms, the cause of each person’s problem may be different. We ensure each patient receives “hands-on care” by providing adequate one-on-one time with their therapist during every treatment. As a healthcare consumer, you deserve the best service available delivered by the most highly trained professionals available.

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A highly-trained clinical staff.  Your physical therapist has received advanced training in Manual Therapy or “hands-on” therapy including MyoKinesthetic System and will be instructing in Reflexive Performance Reset in the near future!

Evidence-based treatments and outcomes measures. Your therapist at Accelerated will utilize the most current research when choosing the methods of treatment for all clients. This ensures all techniques we use have been researched and are proven to be the most effective treatment methods. We also use an internal clinical outcomes measurement process to gauge the progress of all our patients. The purpose of using these methods is to ensure we have the tools and training that we need to meet the needs of our patients as well as to show our customers that we provide value for the payments that we receive.

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