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Performance is defined as “the action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function.” At Accelerated, physical performance means moving well. When our bodies move well, we accomplish the daily tasks that we want to accomplish without pain or dysfunction. It also means a “prehab” approach to physical health and fitness. Rather than addressing issues reactively (after pain or dysfunction), Doc Jen will assess posture and movement quality to predict and reduce future risk of injury.

Doc Jen is the first and only Certified Kettlebell Instructor in Lakeland, Florida! After a movement assessment to determine injury risk factors, you will be provided recommended corrective exercises to use on your own as “movement prep” prior to your workouts. Your workout will then include only the exercises that you are capable of doing safely while still incorporating Doc Jen’s foundational movement patterns: squat, lunge, hip hinge, loaded carry, upper body push, upper body pull.

Accelerated is pleased to also offer a variety of natural alternatives to medication including Young Living essential oils, top-notch minerals, and supplements.

What To Expect:

When you first visit Accelerated, you will be given a thorough initial assessment, followed by a plan developed by the team of you and Doc Jen. This plan includes how often you come in, your home program, education, goals, and expectations by the end of your plan of care.



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